Dean, Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed conducted a special Welcoming Ramadan session with the students of the first batch at Al-Qadir University Project Trust. The session highlighted the importance of the Blessed month and how to maximize our output of blessings from it.

Using a participant-centred approach, which is a staple of Dr. Zeeshan’s lectures, he engaged the students by discussing very practical approaches to performing good deeds. Giving of sadaqah and the importance of zaka’at, planning shared meals in Iftar and suhur for the needy, orphans and neighbours, performing daily adhkaar as part of our routines were some important takeaways from his discussion.

He also mentioned some relevant instances from the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) lifestyle specifically in Ramadan and the essence of fasting which lies in practicing patience and perseverance. Furthermore, he stressed on the importance of Qiyam ul Layl which helps strengthen the believer’s bond with the Creator. It was a highly enlightening session for the students.


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