We believe that success can be defined in a variety of ways and our future generations must be well-equipped with the right tools and techniques to define their own unique life paths. At Al-Qadir we seek to provide a holistic blend of world-class education infused with traditional wisdom and tarbiyah.

Al-Qadir takes pride in its world-class faculty who meticulously design highly interactive lectures and classroom engagements that help nurture the leadership qualities. In order to nurture an environment where Global thought leaders are born, we organize a multitude of activities on-campus. We also focus on arranging Guest Speakers sessions and invite leaders and experts from all walks of life. Our distinguished speakers are leaders from the corporate world, internationally-renowned academics, scholars, spiritual guides and media personalities and others. Furthermore, frequent co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as plantation drives, sports competitions, national days’ activities along with weekly tarbiyah sessions are conducted to add to the overall enriching experience at Al-Qadir.

The exceptional gender and demographic diversity in our student body allows them to develop the key character traits of tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

In order to provide off-campus experiences, frequent recreational tours for the students are organized such as hiking/picnics and visits to historical places.These activities are also aimed at spiritual retreats, for the students to develop the character traits of “Ulul-albab; those who observe the signs of Allah (SWT)” as mentioned in the Holy Quran.  


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