A visit to the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Ankara, Turkey was arranged with the delegation of Al-Qadir University. The former President of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the founding Chairman of the Institute of Islamic Thought, Professor Dr. Mehmet Gormez met with the delegation and expressed his full support for the academic objectives of the project.
Dr. Gormez shared the Institute’s objective to advance the culture of research and data collection in Islamic Sciences, in muslim societies. The Institute particularly focuses on curriculum development projects, engaging effectively with policymakers, leaders and professionals in different fields to transform the contemporary practices as per latest research and regularly publishes relevant research and publications in modern fields of Islamic thought. The IIT has been engaged in various noteworthy international research programmes.
We hope to collaborate and share authentic scholarship and intellectual capital with the Institute and contribute to the larger cause of advancing a research-based culture in muslim societies.


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