The delegation of Al-Qadir University Project Trust, lead by the Dean, Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed visited the campus of the prestigious, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and met with its Dean, Professor Dr. Mehmet Bulut. The campus boasts of approximately 155 acres of land, which was historically utilized for agricultural colleges during the later period of the Ottoman Empire. Thereafter, the enormous land mass was given as waqf (Islamic endowment fund) to the Knowledge Dissemination Foundation which transformed it into Istanbul Sabahattin University in 2010.
In 2021, the Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University ranks amongst the top 200 (of the world), on Sustainability Rankings.
Today, IZU is a leading International educational institution of the region. The IZU is a non-profit organization which aspires to produce individuals who achieve academic excellence through modern methods of inquiry while embracing the values of their civilization and the indispensable character traits of virtue and integrity.
IZU has a well-acclaimed Department of Islamic Sciences and established the First Centres for “Islamic Economics and Finance” and the Centre for “Islam and Global Affairs”. The Department consistently seeks advice from Shaykh Taqi Usmani, whose contribution to Islamic Finance is globally recognized.
Both the parties shed light on the aims and objectives of their respective institutions and engaged in an elaborate discussion on the publications and accomplishments of the Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance. They further discussed the future prospects for a combined venture between the two institutions.


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