Chairman, Mr. Imran Khan (Prime Minister Pakistan) visited the Al-Qadir campus for the Inauguration Ceremony of the Al-Qadir Academic Building, on the 29th of November, 2021.
The Chairman addressed the students, staff and faculty of Al-Qadir University Project Trust and gave them an insight towards his vision for Al-Qadir. He stressed that the Muslim Ummah is in dire need of research-based higher education institutions which produce scholars and leaders who are true heirs of the Prophet (SAW).
He talked about the lack of civilizational pride amongst the Muslim populace across the globe resulting in the intellectual and cultural domination by the West.
He discussed the need for Muslims to grow out of internal conflicts and rise as a collective on the footsteps of the sahabah, who not only conquered lands across continents but also the hearts of their inhabitants.
He believes that Al-Qadir will symbolize that beacon of hope in the field of research, innovation and academic excellence and become a global centre of learning.


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