The Al-Qadir University delegation was privileged to be hosted by the Hayrat Foundation in Turkey which is a non-profit foundation, funded by waqf and established by a disciple of Beddiuzzaman Said Nursi in 1974. Its core aim is to revive the faith of Islam amongst the masses,by reminiscing its strong historical and cultural roots.
They are working meticulously to preserve the word of God (Holy Quran) and restore the power of its message amongst the muslim populace.
It has many organizations, working under its wing such as Hayrat Publication, a sister organization which is a printing press in Isparta which publishes the Holy Qura’an along with the Biography of the Prophet (SAW) in the Ottomon turkish language. The Risala e Nur ( a collection of essays and sermons by Beddiuzzaman Said Nursi, on the Qura’anic exegesis), is the foundational text which is researched and preached in youth engagement projects, trainings in collaboration with the Education, Youth and Sports Ministry and study circles within the Hayrat Foundation establishments all over Turkey.
Said Nursi (1876-1960), who was later on given the honorary title; Bediuzzaman(wonder of the time) was a legendary theologian of Kurdish Descent. He possessed an acute intellect and had a strong grasp over the religious sciences along with the modern sciences. He worked tirelessly, to reconcile the religious teachings with the modern ideas and challenges as he experienced the fall of the Ottoman Empire and its subsequent butchering and then the rise of a secular Turkish state. Most of the work on the magnum opus, “Risala-e-Nur” was compiled during his exile by the secular government in Turkey, post-World War I.
The Hayrat Foundation aims to reach out to the youth which has lost its way in the glitz and glamour of the society, where consumerism is the main driving force. For this purpose, it aims to produce a morally upright and virtuous generation. The Hayrat Foundation has collaborated with the government to incorporate the teachings from the Quran and Risala-e-Nur in the educational curriculum of the government schools.
They have pioneered many NGOs across Turkey which are also providing humanitarian aid in more than 70 countries now. The Hayrat foundation officially partnered with the International Islamic University Malaysia to widen its scope and influence in the international community. International student exchange programs are also underway.
We are truly grateful and humbled by the hospitality shown by Hayrat Foundation to our delegation and we hope to engage in future endeavours with the organization.


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