A Guest Speaker session was arranged for our students on the Economic History of Pakistan.
Dr. Saira Habib, faculty member of Economics at COMSATS, Islamabad holding PhD in Economics from the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, conducted a very thorough and enlightening session for our students.
Dr. Saira, discussed the historical narrative of the Pakistani economy which was initially inherited from our colonial masters and later on build upon under the eras of different regimes.
Shedding light on these eras, she discussed the agricultural and industrial reforms and the issues which made them a failure or a success such as land reforms, tax reforms, energy and water crises which created hindrance in driving the economy towards success. Furthermore, she expressed deep remorse on how frequent political upheavals had more often than not, caused economic instability in Pakistan.
The session concluded with an interactive QnA where students asked her pertinent questions on the current economic crisis in Pakistan, the root cause and possible interventions that can help to stabilize.


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