The Al-Qadir University delegation was invited to visit Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul, Turkey. A warm reception was arranged by the President Dr. Recep Senturk, who discussed the aims of Ibn Haldun University with the delegation and had a fruitful discussion on the concept of multiplexity by Imam Al-Ghazali.
Ibn Haldun University focuses on inculcating the key value of “Intellectual Independence”, vital for the growth of any civilization, amongst its student body. They believe in creating an epistemology of innovation grounded in tradition, in the faculties of humanities, religious sciences, law and business among others. President Senturk displayed great enthusiasm for the mission and vision of Al-Qadir University and agreed to explore different means of collaboration between the two universities.
President Senturk gave invaluable insights about the core of the Ibn Haldun University.
He proposed a collaboration for the development of curriculum, of the leadership and management and future program offerings at Al-Qadir University.
Al-Qadir looks forward to the exchange of intellectual, historical and cultural capital between the two knowledge centres, in hopes of reviving the spirit of our ancestors.


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