Dr. Arif Zaman was awarded the honorary title of Professor Emeritus for his services in the fields of Data Science, Statistics and Mathematics at LUMS.

He is a distinguished scholar whose research concentrations range from Pseudo-Random Number Generation and Cryptography to Probability and Statistical Machine Learning.

As a young Ph.D. scholar from Stanford, he was offered roles as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Purdue University, followed by Florida State University where he remained for around twelve years. He is the Professor Emeritus at LUMS.

At the peak of his career in America’s finest higher education institutions, Dr. Arif Zaman chose to accept the offer as an Associate Professor at LUMS. Back then, LUMS was a relatively new name in the higher education sector of Pakistan. It was pacing up to build a reputation as a hub of intellectuals in Pakistan.

While at LUMS, he assumed the roles of a Professor, Associate Dean and finally offered his services as the Founding Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences during 2000-2003. His services to the prestigious institution include administrative reforms along with academic feats.

Recently, he has been involved with EmpiricAI; a daughter company of Engro Corporation, where he serves as a Senior Data Scientist.

He has been published in various international journals and his research  has  been cited over 500 times including, in the world-famous mathematician Donald Knuth’s famous Semi-Numerical Algorithms Book.

He completed his Bachelors in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, USA, followed by an MA in Applied Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University, USA, and then a Ph.D in Statistics from the prestigious Stanford University, USA, in 1981.

It is an absolute honor and privilege that Dr. Arif Zaman has joined our institution as a Professor.


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