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Allah elevated mankind above all other creations through the unique gift of reason. Human excellence is achieved when reason is channelized to understand and appreciate Allah and His creation. Such was the practice of our ancestors, whose faith facilitated them in research and innovation which resulted in a thriving Islamic civilization. The institution of masjid served as a centre for worship, encompassing scholarship and learning in diverse fields of knowledge. It is important that we reclaim our past by engaging in intellectually-stimulating activities which enable constructive outcomes for the entire Ummah. 

I believe that at the cusp of an intellectual reinvigoration of the Islamic civilization lies a spiritual and moral transformation of the Islamic world.  Al-Qadir seeks to incorporate a framework of Tarbiyah, established through the Prophetic model, within its educational, research and training programmes. The framework of Tarbiyah preceded formal education in traditional societies which helped prepare and enable the hearts and minds of young people to grasp knowledge in the most beneficial of manners, for the pleasure of the Almighty alone. Tarbiyah also inculcates humility, integrity and a morally-upright character, which I believe must be an integral part of any educational project. 

I believe that, as humble servants of the Almighty, we must look towards our Prophet Muhammad who espoused a 3-dimensional personality with a sophisticated intellect, inspiring leadership qualities and a spiritually-illuminated and morally-upright soul. We must seek the purpose of this life through reflection and introspection and pursue a morally-guided path to realize our potential. It is my dream to recreate the Nizammiyya of Baghdad which produced and nurtured scholars like Imam Al-Ghazali, whose influence as a scholar of Islam is yet to be surpassed. I believe that with pure intentions and through Divine Providence, Al-Qadir can become a symbol of the revival of the lost tradition of research and scholarship in Islamic societies.

Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Dean Al-Qadir University  Project Trust


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