Seerah; the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is by consensus of the scholars of religion, across sects and divisions, the single most influential source of guidance (after the Holy Quran) for every Muslim. For 1400 years, men gifted with intellect, tried to unravel the enigma that is Muhammad(SAW) yet the sources remain inexhausted. How can a man be the embodiment of virtue yet master the art of social skills, diplomacy and conflict resolution. He was a symbol of mercy and justice and commanded respect and admiration from his followers and foes alike by sporting kindness, humility and dignity as a lifestyle.

The Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) multi-dimensional personality and extra ordinary feats inspire people across culture, sect, religion and race, in varied ways. Al-Qadir University Project is an educational institute, founded principally to serve Allah (SWT) and humanity,following the prophetic example. The Al-Qadir Centre for Research in Seerah will serve as a dedicated space for research and dissemination of learning outcomes, extracted from the profound wisdom of the Prophet (SAW), during his life and times.  . 


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