Al-Qadir Learning & Development Centre (ALDC)

As much as we management professors would hate to admit it: management is nothing but applied common sense. However, this common sense becomes more apparent and vivid when one can see the ‘application’ of different ‘management decision frameworks’ to the real world. Hence, the best ‘learning’ of ‘management’, in our opinion, happens when the ‘facilitator’ lets the
‘participant’ experiment and explore the application of different management frameworks to real life management decision situations. At Al-Qadir Learning & Development Centre (ALDC), this is what the learning pedagogy (case method/participant centered learning), is all about.

At ALDC, we also use pedagogies other than the case method: like simulations, experiential exercises, etc. but the bottom line in every class is for the participant to ‘discover’ what we believe is at the end of the day ‘common sense’.

Lastly, ALDC’s executive programs are also unique because most of our faculty has had years of hands-on experience through consulting and writing cases. In fact, much of the teaching material we use has been developed by our faculty themselves, and is being used by the top institutions in the country, and also abroad.

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